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Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace. Corporate and Individual Coaching.

Stress is the number one cause of demotivation and absenteeism at work. Whilst stress is needed to stimulate creativity and productivity, too much stress results in ill-health, disorganisation, reduced self-esteem, inefficiency, and unproductivity.

By understanding how it is possible to remain calm in any environment by developing the right mindset, individuals learn techniques to manage and reduce their stress in the workplace,

Clients of Giselle Monbiot, our Stress and Anxiety Management Practitioner, learn how to notice that their stress is building, how to practice proven ways to release it, and how to feel less overwhelmed in the workplace. Management too can learn valuable ways to ensure their teams remain motivated, productive and happy. Learn more about the programmes and workshops on offer by Giselle, by visiting her dedicated website here.