Goal Orientated, Cognitive Behavioural & Clinical Hypnotherapy18

What is Cognitive Behavioural & Clinical Hypnotherapy?

This therapy combines cognitive behavioural therapy and clinical hypnotherapy with theories based on modern neuroscience. It uses the natural state of mind that we can all enter when absorbed in a book or film or daydreaming and is an extremely effective way of making positive change. Amazingly, 90% of our behaviour is driven by our sub conscious mind, rather than our conscious mind. Cognitive behavioural and clinical hypnotherapists treat the individual based on extensive research that demonstrates how we can create issues in our lives by repeating patterns and filtering information to keep the problem being a problem. It is a brief, goal orientated form of therapy in which the therapist works in partnership with the client to create healthy and realistic alternatives to current problematic thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

The transformation we see in clients, who choose this therapy to free themselves from all sorts of issues, is truly inspirational!

Goal Orientated, Cognitive Behavioural & Clinical Hypnotherapy19

The many issues that can be addressed

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and clinical hypnotherapy form an effective treatment for habits, fears, phobias and anxieties that affect our health, including:

  • Stopping smoking
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias and fears - flying, dentist, spiders, etc.
  • Negative emotions - jealousy, anger, etc.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessions, compulsions and habits
  • Bedwetting
  • Procrastination
  • Addictions - alcohol and gambling
  • Social anxiety
  • Recreational regression
  • Depression and emotional issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Coping with snoring
  • Eating disorders
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Tinnitus
  • Fertility
  • Easier childbirth
  • Health issues
  • Pain control

Goal Orientated, Cognitive Behavioural & Clinical Hypnotherapy260

Improving Confidence, Achieving Peak Performance & Mastering Stress

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help: 

  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Business presentations and negotiating
  • Public speaking
  • Actors & Musicians
  • Exam Performance
  • Sports Performance
  • Creativity
  • Personal inner development
  • Coping with change and transition
  • Self empowerment
  • Improve the experience of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Nicola Todd was a professional Actress/Musician for over 15 years and shares her special insight into the fears affecting performers and how she can help them on several levels, here.  She also helps business people with mastering presenting and public speaking; and athletes to improve sports performance.

Carolyne Ash-Brazier includes 'EasiBirthing' amongst her many areas of focus with hypnosis. Carolyne is also a qualified children's therapist where she uses hypnosis and NLP to treat a variety of issues for children and teenagers, including improving their confidence.

Giselle Monbiot is a stress and anxiety management practitioner with a proven track record of guiding individuals and groups to overcome the hurdles they encounter in their professional and personal lives.

Zoe Owl has a wealth of eclectic experience. Her speciality areas include: Going through/adapting/coping with change and transition; Personal development – inner work; Mental and Spiritual well-being; Relationships; Self-empowerment and self confidence in who you are. Read more here. She is also an author of creative self help books.

Goal Orientated, Cognitive Behavioural & Clinical Hypnotherapy261

Weight Loss & Weight Management

Easy weightloss .. picture that!

At Asana we can help you to lose weight and then manage your weight with a variety of proven and very successful weight loss techniques to help you change your eating habits and beliefs ... permanently and effortlessly!

The methods used by our specialist hypnotherapists are ideal for anyone who struggles with weight loss, portion size, emotional eating and unhealthy eating habits.

Read more about their approach using these links:

Nicola Todd

Carolyne Ash-Brazier

Giselle Monbiot

Goal Orientated, Cognitive Behavioural & Clinical Hypnotherapy262

'Hypno-Band' Weight Loss

Carolyne Ash-Brazier is Asana's licenced Hypno-Band practitioner. Hypno-Band is the World Leader in gastric band hypnotherapy and is the original Virtual Gastric Band method in UK, USA, Australia and many more countries.

The Hypno-Band is a safe, risk free and economic alternative to Gastric Band Surgery.

The Hypno-Band’s success has been well documented and  featured on channel 4′s  “Embarrassing Fat Bodies”.

Read more about the approach of our therapist:

Carolyne Ash-Brazier 

Goal Orientated, Cognitive Behavioural & Clinical Hypnotherapy267

Stop Smoking

Cognitive hypnotherapy is widely regarded as the most effective way to stop smoking - and more effective than nicotine replacement.

The harm that tobacco smoking causes to the human body and to the bodies of children and others inhaling someone elses smoke is undisputed. New studies also indicate that vaping may cause unique health problems as dangerous as smoking.

Asana has several therapists who help clients break their smoking habit very successfully - often in just one session! Therapists may have slightly different approaches or even employ additional techniques to suit particular clients. Take a look at the individual profiles of two of our main therapists to find out more and to choose the approach that best suits you.

Nicola Todd

Carolyne Ash-Brazier

"Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for helping me finally beat smoking. It has been almost three months now and I’ve noticed that I haven’t been counting the days, or anything else. No cravings or withdrawals, just a great sense of freedom. I can enjoy alcohol freely with no association or craving to smoke. I now feel pity for those I see smoking, when they too could give up as painlessly as I did. I have gained new energy for exercise as well and I am enjoying being able to breathe easily. The overall health improvements that I now feel are a big bonus. Once again, thank you, stopping smoking has changed my life!"