Grieving a son’s suicide

Our Psychotherapist and EMDR Counsellor, Sandra Gladh, was asked by The Counsellors Cafe Magazine to review a new book - "I'll write your name on every beach" - by Susan Auerbach, who tragically lost not only her father, but also her son to suicide. The book covers her personal grieving process and also deals with the difficult questions raised by such an event. Sandra could relate to Susan's struggles, as she meets clients dealing with bereavement through suicide, and other causes, in her therapy work. Sandra was also pleased that Susan wrote about her positive experiences with EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). Read the book review here.


Confident Presentations

When you think about presenting, do you start to sweat and feel sick? Just 1 to 3 sessions of hypnosis with highly qualified hypnotherapist/psychotherapist, Nicola Todd, will enable you to face it, and do a great job! Client Testimonial: "It was the best presentation I had ever given and the results were immediate". Find out how it works here.


Welcome to Kirandeep Kaur

We extend a very warm Asana welcome to Kirandeep Kaur (Kiran), who joins the team as a qualified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Integrative Counsellor, with a special interest and in depth experience in Borderline Personality Disorders. Kiran also works with clients experiencing a wide range of other problems including: marital/relational issues, pre/post natal depression, eating disorders, sexual abuse - and much more. Discover more about Kiran and how she may be able to help you, on her website.


Welcome to Nikki Macpherson

We are delighted to welcome Nikki Macpherson to the Asana team! Nikki is an experienced Psychotherapist and Counsellor, trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Gestalt Psychotherapeutic Counselling. She also spent many years as a Medical Speech and Language Therapist in various NHS settings. Her experience includes supporting people who live with severe and enduring mental health conditions including personality disorders, mood disorders and psychosis. Nikki says, "I have a passion for helping people understand themselves and in navigating life's journey creatively". You can read more about Nikki on her website including the varied conditions she treats and how she works with clients.


Welcome to Maria Romero!

We are delighted to welcome Maria Romero to the Asana Health 'talking therapies' team. Maria is a highly qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor specialising in Gestalt Psychotherapy for couples and individuals. She can conduct therapy in English or Spanish and has over 20 years experience in a variety of settings including the NHS. Frequent issues she works with include common problems arising from life events such as separation, loss, birth, and transitions; depression and mental illneses; couples relationship difficulties; stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and many more. Maria has a large Spanish client base and also helps people having difficulties arising from transition to a new culture - identity, communication and relationships. There is much more to read about Maria and how she works on her website, 


New Book & Award for Joanna Benfield

Congratulations to Joanna Benfield, our specialist psychosexual therapist and relationship counseller, who has been in great demand since recently co-editing The Routledge International Handbook of Sexual Addiction, which brings together a comprehensive range of perspectives from a worldwide selection of scholars and therapists. The book was launched in early November 2017 and it can be ordered here. Also in 2017, Joanna was awarded Psychosexual Therapist of the Year (UK) in the Women in Health Awards 2017. Learn more about Joanna's work with couples and singles on her website and information videos. Joanna's first book was the highly acclaimed 'Three in a Bed' - Conversations with a sex therapist. 


Joyful Eating Programmes

Boost your energy levels and feel fantastic, whilst enjoying your food! Kathleen Farren is our Registered Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach whose philosophy is to take the stress out of dieting and to bring joy back to eating ... both for you and the whole family! Find out more about her unique Joyful Eating Programmes, using real food, no fad diets or meal replacements.


Soul Energy Healing

Many people now believe that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience' and purposefully choose a healing approach that incorporates that knowledge. Zoe Owl describes her healing approach as eclectic and to help explain she suggests viewing the following video, in which she features as the 'Soul Energy Healer', made by Hannah Sweeney - 'The Healing Hunter'.  Zoe says, "In the video which is part of The Healing Hunter series, I share my unified clinical and spiritually eclectic approach towards healing the holes in our soul, with a combination of soul healing poetry, sound therapy, hypnotherapy, psychology, psychotherapeutic and intuitive counselling, crystal Reiki healing, past life regression, law of attraction and metaphysics - whatever it is that is needed and required in guiding and helping clients to return to their full, whole, joyful, peaceful, abundant healthy selves. My approach is 'owlways' whatever works in holding healing space for another beloved soul. Thank you Hannah Sweeney for this opportunity to share the magic of what I offer and if anyone is interested in either a face to face healing session or an online consultation, please see my website for more details. With love Owlways, Zoë".

Video Link - 'Soul Energy Healer', by Hannah Sweeney (The Healing Hunter)

'Soulutions' is available from Zoe's website or from Amazon


Go for more creativity and fun in 2018!

Zoe Owl, our Psychotherapeutic Hypnotherapist, helps people going through change and transition and with inner personal development. She is also an author and has written a unique and magical children's book entitled 'The Kid's Book of Wisdoms .. on All Kinds of Stuff'. One reviewer says, "A wonderful book to help your children fire up their imagination and creativity. Zoe Owl really encapsulates the beauty of wisdom being shared and how from small things, great things can manifest, something all children can do, and as the book says, "we are all superheroes whatever shape or form we come in"... I feel this book will not only be fun to read but help us all to get creative and hopefully encourage us all to live a gentler, low impact and fun life!". It's also National Curriculum based! Other books by Zoe include a self help book for adults entitled 'Creative Locksmith: Unlock Your Magic Within' - Integrated with psychological/mind, body and spirit tools of how to self-care in creative well-being, weaved with real life story excerpts, subtly seasoned with useful self-help tips, and sprinkled with humour for healthy balance. You can shop for Zoe's books on her web site here or click the titles to go straight to Amazon.