Goal Orientated, Cognitive Behavioural & Clinical Hypnotherapy260

Improving Confidence, Achieving Peak Performance & Mastering Stress

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help: 

  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Business presentations and negotiating
  • Public speaking
  • Actors & Musicians
  • Exam Performance
  • Sports Performance
  • Creativity
  • Personal inner development
  • Coping with change and transition
  • Self empowerment
  • Improve the experience of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Nicola Todd was a professional Actress/Musician for over 15 years and shares her special insight into the fears affecting performers and how she can help them on several levels, here.  She also helps business people with mastering presenting and public speaking; and athletes to improve sports performance.

Carolyne Ash-Brazier includes 'EasiBirthing' amongst her many areas of focus with hypnosis. Carolyne is also a qualified children's therapist where she uses hypnosis and NLP to treat a variety of issues for children and teenagers, including improving their confidence.

Giselle Monbiot is a behaviour and wellbeing specialist with a proven track record of guiding individuals and groups to overcome the hurdles they encounter in their professional and personal lives.