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Stop Smoking

Cognitive hypnotherapy is widely regarded as the most effective way to stop smoking - and more effective than nicotine replacement.

The harm that tobacco smoking causes to the human body and to the bodies of children and others inhaling someone elses smoke is undisputed. New studies also indicate that vaping may cause unique health problems as dangerous as smoking.

Asana has several therapists who help clients break their smoking habit very successfully - often in just one session! Therapists may have slightly different approaches or even employ additional techniques to suit particular clients. Take a look at the individual profiles of two of our main therapists to find out more and to choose the approach that best suits you.

Nicola Todd

Carolyne Ash-Brazier

"Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for helping me finally beat smoking. It has been almost three months now and I’ve noticed that I haven’t been counting the days, or anything else. No cravings or withdrawals, just a great sense of freedom. I can enjoy alcohol freely with no association or craving to smoke. I now feel pity for those I see smoking, when they too could give up as painlessly as I did. I have gained new energy for exercise as well and I am enjoying being able to breathe easily. The overall health improvements that I now feel are a big bonus. Once again, thank you, stopping smoking has changed my life!"