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Peak Sports Performance Coaching

Peak performance does not depend on physical strength alone. The emotional state and mental focus are also critical to attain the desired outcome in which the person performs to the maximum of their ability, characterised by subjective feelings of confidence, effortlessness and total concentration on the task.

Mental Skills

At Asana, Nicola Todd is our specialist delivering Sports Hypnosis.

Nicola explains, "Today more and more athletes are using hypnosis to help improve their performance.

Hypnosis can be combined with a variety of techniques from sports psychology, mindfulness therapies, motivational coaching, NLP modeling and cognitive therapy to work on pre-performance set up, performance enhancement and post performance reflection.

I can teach you the most effective techniques to significantly improve your performance using a multi session protocol beginning with mindfulness training before anchoring a state of optimal arousal and pre perfromance set up.  Goal setting exercises build on these core skills to create the groundwork for delivering formal hypnosis".