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Nikki Macperson

My interest in understanding how people live and make sense of their lives led me to study psychology and psychotherapy. This involved looking in depth at understanding the human condition from various view points and in deepening and broadening my ways of working with people. This means that I work from a fully holistic and integrated stance taking account of the whole person - body, mind and soul. I have a passion for helping people understand themselves and in navigating life's journey creatively. 

Nikki works with clients wishing to discover their purpose and meaning in life, including those who want to focus on their career satisfaction and development, or to build resilience.  One of Nikki's special interests is creativity.  She believes that creativity means different things to different people. Nikki is interested in an individual's passion and artistry -  how we utilise our innate creativity to express in different ways.

Nikki is likely to be of help if you are experiencing:

  • Employment difficulties or career development
  • Feeling stuck
  • Self image
  • Creative process and expression
  • Need to build resilience
  • Life stages and transitions
  • Discovering a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself
  • Life change and personal development
  • Review your lifestyle to improve the general quality of your life