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Career Counselling & Results Driven Coaching

Dr. Sara Al-Atassi

Sara offers executive, career, personal and professional development coaching for professionals from all sectors. 

Being both a medical doctor and a coach gives Sara a unique understanding of people’s lives, challenges and barriers, whilst empowering them to overcome these, develop their scope and realise their potential. She has seen the transformative power that coaching can have on people’s lives. It is an approach that can help people through difficult times, ill health, life adjustments, feeling "stuck" and transitional phases of their careers.

Sara says, "Coaching helped me to develop self-awareness, break down barriers and gave me the confidence to choose ambitious and alternative career paths that fit with my values and my personal life.

Through my private coaching practice, I use my unique combination of professional and personal experiences to help other professionals to manage change, feel motivated, fulfilled and less stressed .. and realise their potential".

“I found the whole experience transformative. I am immensely grateful to Sara for what she has done. I have finished these sessions feeling more confident, motivated and self-aware and would recommend Sara as a coach to anyone in need.”

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