Welcome to Asana Health

We specialise in Talking Therapies: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Talking Therapies facilitate recovery

when challenging life situations, psychological or relational problems impair daily living or erode our happiness

Transformational and Life Coaching

From personal and professional to health, fitness, sports, nutrition, weightloss and more

Supporting Therapies

include Biodynamic Therapies, Nutritional Therapy, Shiatsu and Energy Healing

We help people of all ages and abilities

to master their life struggles and reach their full potential

Disability Psychotherapy

Dr. Jo Lilley is a Disability Psychotherapist providing psychological assessment and treament for people with intellectual disabilities, mental health difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, acquired brain injury, chronic pain and other difficulties.

Returning to Work

Improve your confidence before returning to work, and reap the benefits! Get started today with Giselle Monbiot's FREE 'Increase Your Confidence' audio series. A powerful tailor-made approach proven to achieve lasting confidence, by our own Women's Empowerment Coach.

Sports Peak Performance

Using a variety of techniques from sports psychology, mindfulness therapies, motivational coaching, NLP modelling and cognitive therapy work on pre-performance set up, performance enhancement and post performance reflection to achieve peak performance in your sport.

“No Man is an Island”

David Abrehart understands that sometimes men can find it a little harder to talk about their problems, or to acknowledge their feelings.  It can be a relief to talk with another man and have the space and peace to think together about what may be troubling him. 

Eating Disorders

Early support for people who become obsessive in controlling what they eat is essential to prevent more serious disorders developing. If you have concerns about your own or a loved one's relationship with eating, talk to Dr. Emma Cosham. 

Kids Therapy

Teaching children and teenagers NLP techniques to gain increased confidence, self esteem, overcome anxiety and phobias and become better communicators. Learn more.