Psychodynamic Psychotherapist; Integrative Counsellor; Borderline Personality Disorders, MBT, CBT.

A few words about myself

Kiran is gradually returning from maternity leave and currently making appointments on Saturday afternoons only.

My name is Kiran ... I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist and a member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists.

My style of counselling looks at the unconscious where overwhelming primitive feelings lie waiting to be explored.  These feelings can sometimes debilitate our actions in life, which can restrict us from moving forward in relation to our careers, relationships and day to day living.

I provide a safe environment for my clients to express themselves. I do this by listening - which is something so basic - but also so very important, which allows clients to feel understood.  The regularity, routine and time of sessions can also help a client feel contained. My training and experience enables me to adapt my style to accommodate my individual clients needs.

Who is Counselling for?

  • Do you feel stuck in your life and nothing is moving forward?
  • ​Do you feel your moods and emotions are interchanging constantly from one to the next?
  • ​Do you feel highly anxious when tackling day to day activities?
  • ​Does your anxiety lead to obsessive thinking/functioning (OCD etc), eating issues, not wanting to socialise or relate to those closest or far from you?
  • ​Is your job, family life & relationships being affected by your moods and emotions?
  • ​Do you feel you are in a dark place and can't pull yourself out?
  • ​Are you haunted by memories of the past which are holding you back?

​Perhaps you can identify with one of the above - but I cover a range of fields and also have experience in working with borderline personality disorders which, within itself, covers a wide spectrum.

The other issues I deal with are:

  • Anxiety
  • Borderline Personality Disorders
  • Confidence issues
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief
  • Hearing voices
  • Marital/Relational issues
  • Mental disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Over dependency
  • Pre/Post natal depression
  • Self harm
  • Separation anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts

Qualifications & Experience

Intermediate & Advanced Certificate in Integrative Counselling at Kingston College, which covered Humanistic, Psychodynamic & CBT Therapy.  

MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling & Psychotherapy at Birkbeck College, University of London.

My training included a two and a half year placement at the charity MIND, where I worked with a variety of clients who presented problems with confidence, depression, anxiety, dealing with marital affairs and eating disorders.   I then moved onto more intense cases dealing with sexual abuse and clients presenting borderline personality disorders. 

I have also worked with the NHS at Springfield Hospital, focusing on BPD (borderline personality disorders), working one to one with patients and also managing weekly group therapy sessions which used the technique of Mentalisation Behavioural Therapy. MBT was developed and manualised by Peter Fonagy and Anthony Bateman, designed for individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD).  I took part in training sessions carried out by Anthony Bateman and also regular supervisions. 

Contact and Fees

Psychodynamic counselling can be short term or open ended, depending on your needs. Please do contact me to arrange a session where we meet in the discreet, comfortable surroundings of Asana Health, when I can learn more about you and what is troubling you. We would normally decide together which form of therapy is the right way forward for you, during this assessment phase.

Please contact me for fee information. Lower rate available for individuals on low income & students.

Email: kiranpsych17@gmail.com

​Phone:  07958-032662

Webiste: new website currently under construction