Medical Doctor providing specialist professional coaching to: Medical doctors of all grades and specialties; Professionals from all sectors; Prospective medical students

A few words about myself

Dr Sara Al-Atassi, MA MB BS DFFP DOccMed MRCGP ILM 5 (Coaching and Mentoring)


I am a medical doctor providing specialist professional coaching, particularly to people in transitional phases in their careers or planning a return to work. Being both a doctor and a coach gives me a unique understanding of people’s lives, challenges and barriers, whilst empowering them to overcome these and to develop their scope and realise their potential.

Through my private coaching practice, I offer executive, career, personal and professional development coaching for:

  • Medical doctors of all grades and specialties
  • Professionals from all sectors

I also offer coaching for prospective medical students who are applying to medical school.

My Background

Unusually for a medical doctor, I am a qualified coach. I hold an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring and am a registered coach with the NHS London Leadership Academy.

During my career as a general practitioner, I became increasingly committed to coaching as a way of helping people solve their own problems. With my specialist clinical interests in mental health, occupational health, and doctor’s health and wellbeing, I have seen the transformative power that coaching can have on people’s lives. It is an approach that can help people through difficult times, ill health, life adjustments, feeling "stuck" and transitional phases of their careers.

My own personal experience of coaching has also been incredibly positive. Coaching helped me to develop self-awareness, break down barriers and gave me the confidence to choose ambitious and alternative career paths that fit with my values and my personal life.

Through my private coaching practice, I use my unique combination of professional and personal experiences to help other professionals to manage change, feel motivated, fulfilled and less stressed, and realise their potential.

My Experience

I have over 20 years’ clinical experience, mainly as a GP, and am a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). My current roles include the following:

  • Clinician for the NHS Practitioner Health Programme – providing care for doctors suffering from stress, burnout and related mental health difficulties.
  • Extensive professional support and development experience - NHS GP appraiser, RCGP examiner, and NHS London Leadership Academy registered coach.
  • Tribunal doctor for HM Courts and Tribunal Service – hearing appeals alongside judges for the Minister of Justice.

I studied medicine at both the University of Cambridge and University of London. I also have a Diploma in Occupational Medicine, deepening my knowledge and experience of occupational health risks, hazards and management in a range of occupational settings.

I am registered with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (ECC) and adhere to their Global Code of Ethics.

What do clients say?…

“I can't begin to tell you how helpful the sessions have been. You have honestly been amazing.”

“You have been a Godsend, an absolute anchor throughout”

“The time and patience I have been given has been unbelievable. Sara clearly has an amazing amount of experience when it comes to coaching and helping others. I feel incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity.”

“Sara is so in tune with my experience and with her own skills and experience was able to do things at the correct pace for me.”

“I have had a really positive experience with coaching and have reached a new level of self-confidence which I was really struggling with before.”

“Sara is an incredibly supportive, caring coach. She has a calm, gentle manner whilst at the same time encourages and motivates change. I never felt rushed and was given time to explore my own thoughts. She was always prepared and interested in what I wanted to discuss and gave me wonderful support when discussing difficult matters.”

“As a result of Sara's amazing help and support, I am now back to work in a more satisfying and fulfilling way. This has all happened within the space of 3 months!”

“I found the whole experience transformative. I am immensely grateful to Sara for what she has done. I have finished these sessions feeling more confident, motivated and self-aware and would recommend Sara as a coach to anyone in need.”

“To say it has been an invaluable experience would be an understatement and I would definitely give my recommendations to anyone applying to Oxbridge.”

“During the prep session with Sara, the mock interview questions helped me realise the style of questions I would likely be asked and the constructive feedback I received after each response I gave, ensured I had an understanding of what approach I should take; something I knew I would have struggled with otherwise.”

“I really felt as if Sara had helped me learn something new about the relationship between me and my subject and the way in which to present how my chosen subject and I are the perfect and most powerful combination.”

“It was a really helpful and eye-opening session and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to talk about my chosen subject in different and challenging ways.”

DISCLAIMER: Please note I will not be acting in a medical capacity whilst coaching and will not be indemnified for any medical advice so please be aware of this. If at any point I feel there is a medical need I will redirect you to your own GP for further medical care.


E-mail:  Sara@DrSaraAlAtassi.com