A few words about myself

My objective is to help clients realise their full potential, to unlock the secrets of confident behaviour and to support those individuals as they develop their chosen careers.

My current position as an Employability Skills Coach at Kingston University gives me access to the entire undergraduate population.  I pass on vital skills and tools designed to maximise each students employment opportunities.

As a coach and training consultant to many professional organisations I recognise the need for these skills to be made available to the wider population.

My coaching approach enables clients to ‘own’ their potential and to recognise the value of ‘personal responsibility’.

I provide practical tools and advice, which the client can put into immediate use.  This is supported by Cognitive Behavioural techniques which ensure each individual is completely aware of the value of healthy and productive thinking.  This combination of the behavioural and the cognitive creates a powerful base to move forward in the desired direction and create the life you want.

Knowing that confidence is within your/our own control can help create the vital difference between success and failure.

Over the past ten years I have supported and developed many individuals, enabling them to feel in control and to therefore make the most of their potential.

I work with clients from all walks of life, from many different sectors and countries.  People who want to develop their potential within an organisation to those who are looking for the confidence to leave and start a new job.

As well as being a training consultant for a number of public and private sector organisations, I have forged a career as a public speaking coach, combining the twin disciplines of confidence coaching and CBT.  Over the past seven years I have worked with a variety of senior management from government departments, including the MOD, HMRC, DEFRA, UKBA and the NHS.

Most recently I designed and delivered the Patient Service Programme for NHS Barking and Dagenham, incorporating forum theatre and personal development tools, and have facilitated coaching and mentoring programmes for a variety of clients.

Contact Jeremy via Email: jeremytodduk@yahoo.com

Web Site:  www.jeremytodd.co.uk