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More about Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Being well means coping with life's ups and downs without losing your balance - but what if you can't? ... and what if you don't ever quite recover your balance?

Maybe you have been destabilised by something serious like death, divorce, major illness, redundancy, neglect, trauma or child abuse. Or maybe something apparently trivial seems to have got out of proportion, and perhaps other people are wondering why you have such a problem with it.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy uses a variety of working methods (including Biodynamic Massage) to help you resolve the "unfinished business" which may be keeping you off-balance and affecting your physical, mental or emotional health and wellbeing.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy can be helpful in resolving addictions, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, negative habits, thoughts or beliefs and coming to terms with the past, thereby discovering who you really are underneath it all.

During a session you may be invited to stand, sit, lie down, express your feelings verbally or physically, or move around the room to facilitate this process.

Together with your therapist, we can create a safe, compassionate space in which to explore your past, present and future without judgment, so that you can find ways of being more at ease with yourself and enjoying greater freedom ... because life is worth living well.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy = being at ease with yourself and enjoying greater freedom.